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HealthPoint – All in one Terminal

HealthPoint is easy to use and a great way to be paid. HealthPoint will provide your patients with the convenience of an efficient and easy all-in-one solution to claim their health fund rebates as well as helping you to save on bank fees.

HealthPoint supports electronic claiming for Medicare via Medicare Easyclaim – for both bulk billed and paid patient claim transactions. This allows patients to lodge their Medicare claims and receive their rebates through your HealthPoint terminal. Patients no longer have to wait for their rebate.

EFTPOS – your choice of banking partner

Key Benefits

All in one easy to use terminal – Private health fund claiming, Medicare EasyClaim and EFTPOS
No costs for Health Fund transactions
Potential savings on bank fees and charges
Consolidated Claims Settlement Solution, reducing the number of credits and statements received from the HealthFunds
Choice of banks – and you can keep your existing bank accounts
Choice of connections
Free training to ensure you get the best out of your HealthPoint terminal
Easy access to HealthPoint support

Key Features

Multi – merchant capability
Access to Medicare Easyclaim for eligible patient claims
Potential savings on bank fees and charges
Seamless connection to EFTPOS with no need to rekey the gap amount
Easier reconciliation with HealthPoint Claim Settlement Service consolidating payments and statements on behalf of many Health Funds* for providers
*participating Health Funds are denoted on the respective Health Fund flyers.